Wash & Care Instructions

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Hippy Soul Yoga Mat’s top layer is made of Luxurios microsuede so washing regularly and cleaning your mat needs to be done gently.
The amount of washing your yoga mat will need depends on three things: the style of yoga you practice, how sweaty you get and personal choice. But i recommend cleaning / washing your yoga mat every 2-3 uses if you sweat a lot and every 5-10 uses for gently yoga and meditation.

Hand washing is the best way to clean and prolong the life of your yoga mat. Give it some love!

Its best to use a soft brush or cloth, a very gentle soap (non-oil based), and cold water to gently clean your mat and then rinse off thoroughly.

To remove excess water after washing, lay a dry towel on the micro suede layer and roll up your yoga mat to absorb the excess water, you may need to do this twice depending on how much water you used. You can also hang your mat up to drip dry in a partly sunny area, but this method may take up to 24 hours for you mat to dry completely.
A small amount of gentle detergent (non-oil based) can be used to help clean your yoga mat. Do Not Use oil based soaps, bleach, stain removers, laundry detergents or fabric softeners!

A gentle / delicate machine wash cycle can be used, but i do advise against this as over time it can cause the corners of the micro suede top layer to peel from the rubber base and curl upwards.

Do Not put in clothes dryer, iron or dry clean your yoga mat!

Alternatively you can spray your yoga math a natural antibacterial / cleaning mix specifically made for micro suede yoga mats, and hang in partial sun outside to air and dry out after each use. This helps keep it clean, free from nasty bacteria and smelling nice and fresh. I would still recommend a thorough weekly wash and clean of your yoga mat for active yoga practices.

Before rolling and storing your yoga mat, please make sure it is completely dry otherwise it will breed nasties and bacteria.