Sacred Geometry Luxe Eco Yoga Mat


The Sacred Geometry Luxe Eco Yoga Mat design embraces the complex structure of space, time, form, connection to our world and the higher realm through yoga and meditation. Sacred Geomerty is believed to be the ‘blueprint of creation’, and can assist in personal awareness, meditation and greater connection with nature, the universe and spirituality. This design focuses on the ‘Evil Eye’ as a symbol of protection and safety, Triangles provide stability and represent the connection of the three dimension of mind, body and spirit working as one. This Light energy is radiated by the body establishing a higher connection with the infinite universe and your soul purpose.

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Yoga Mat Size - 173cm x 61cm

Thickness - 4.5mm

Biodegradeable Natural Tree Rubber Base with Luxurious Microsuede Top

No Toxic Glues, Pthalates, Latex, Silicon, Chlorine or BPA. Water Based Inks which are Non-fade and UV Resistant. Vegan friendly.

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