About Me

 My name is Bree and i am the creator of Hippy Soul Yoga.                    I am an artist, surfer, yoga enthusiast, life-lover, hippie and a mum to a free spirited 6 year old girl. Since becoming a mum, life has changed a lot and so has my health. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since my late teens and it has been a hard road of ups and downs, learning to listen to my body and taking care of myself mentally, emotionally and physically. Unfortunately due to my health issues I was unable to return to my job i loved. I began practicing ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’ as a way to improve my health and re-connect with my inner self. This daily practice became a way for me to combine focusing on my health and my creative passions in life, in doing this i found a strength and love within me that i never new existed.

With the craziness of motherhood and life, Hippy Soul Yoga became my creative, meditative and spiritual outlet to reconnect and learn to love again.

Hippy Soul Yoga represents and combines my love of hippies, happiness, yoga, surfing, beach life, meditation, family, self love, self care and reconnecting with your inner energy and mother earth.

I hope you find your inner peace as i have.

Namaste & Love  

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