Hippy Soul Yoga creates Limited Edition Luxe Eco Microsuede Yoga Mats.

      Our Yoga Mats Feature a Soft and Luxurious Microsuede Top Layer which is Heat Bonded to a Biodegradable Natural Tree Rubber Base. 

      Hippy Soul Yoga Designs embrace Grounding Elements, Enlightenment and Creativity to Awaken your Mind, Body, Soul Connection. We Hope to Strengthen the Connection between You and your Yoga Practice. Enhance your ‘Life Force Energy’ and Increasing your ‘Self Love’ and Awareness to help you to find your ‘Inner Hippy’.                                         

 Hippy Soul Yoga Mats are Eco-friendly, Non-toxic and Vegan Friendly.

Our Designs are printed with Water-based Inks which are UV Resistant & Non-fade.

There are No PVC, BPA, Silicon, Chlorine, Phthalates or Toxic Glues used.

The 4.5mm cushioning base helps reduce injury, strain and is also very comfortable.



Our Customers Love Us

Hippy soul yoga mats have everything you need in lux yoga mat. I have loved using mine in my teaching yoga and personal practice because it works for vinyasa and floor poses in yin , it has a beautiful grip that builds more and more as you use it and it is so comfortable and supportive for floor asana and relaxation.

I chose the chakra mat as I love the vibrant art work and it gives me a cue in alignment of my feet in standing poses .

Thank you Bree for creating these high quality beautiful thoughtful yoga mats .


These yoga mats are like being on a magic carpet , the mats hold on to the earth with incredible grip , giving u the support for your every movement to flow.

It has incredible grip, then doing mediation’s an relaxation on the stunning and unique design made with love !

Highly recommend these mats !


I love Hippy Soul Yoga’s wares…especially their yoga mats.

I bought the Mandala luxe eco which is designed with ‘meditation in mind’ for myself and the Hamsa luxe eco for one of my daughters and posted it to her in Vancouver. She says she gets lots of comments on it.

I also love the Wild Spirit essence oil roller – my absolute favourite. Bree is truly a beautiful spirit. Thank you Hippy Soul Yoga.


Yoga Nidra Sunshine Coast Australia.